Will Rohypnol Detox Be Painful?

Will Rohypnol Detox Be Painful?

The first step in any addiction recovery is detoxification (detox). Regular use of addictive drugs like Rohypnol leads to physical dependence, and ending the body’s reliance on the drug is required before the psychological aspects of addiction can be addressed. Detox involves withdrawal symptoms, and fear of these symptoms is often enough to discourage users from seeking treatment. Detox is often portrayed in movies and television shows as harrowing and extreme, as individuals shake, sweat and cry their way through the process in institutional hospital beds or at home, alone. While detox is not a pleasant experience, it does not have to be the nightmarish experience shown in the media.

What Does Rohypnol Detox Involve?

Detox does not have to be a lonely or clinical experience. Finding a treatment program that includes medically supervised detox services ensures a positive detox experience and a seamless transition into continued addiction treatment. Quality treatment facilities are clean and welcoming with friendly, professional and experienced staff members. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, Rohypnol withdrawal symptoms involve the following:

  • Headache
  • Tension
  • Anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Muscle pain
  • Photosensitivity
  • Numbness
  • Increased seizure potential

Rohypnol detox will not be comfortable, and the potential for seizures puts individuals at risk for serious health complications. However, medical supervision ensures that Rohypnol addiction recovery will be a safe process, and medical professionals can treat withdrawal symptoms as they arise to maximize an individual’s comfort. Detox is an essential first step, and, while unpleasant, it is a short-term experience that leads to long-term health.

Rohypnol Addiction Recovery

Detox and withdrawal symptoms are unavoidable aspects of addiction recovery, but they are only the first part of rehab. Long-term addiction recovery requires treatment for the physical and psychological aspects of addiction, and detox services need to be followed by in-depth therapy and aftercare. Real recovery comes from identifying and addressing the reasons behind Rohypnol use through professional addiction treatment.

Finding Rohypnol Detoxification Resources

Call our toll-free helpline to get connected to Rohypnol detox professionals. We can put you in touch with the best treatment programs that include medically supervised detox services for a full recovery from Rohypnol addiction. Our admissions coordinators are here for you 24 hours day, and they can verify insurance benefits, help you arrange travel to treatment and coordinate intervention, detox and treatment services for you or your loved one. Don’t let fear about detox and treatment keep you from getting the help you need. Call today.