Why Won’t My Son or Daughter Stop Using Rohypnol on Their Own?

Why Won't My Son or Daughter Stop Using Rohypnol on Their Own?

Watching your child struggle with Rohypnol addiction is a painful experience. You want the very best for your child, yet he seems completely unconcerned about the life-altering impact of Rohypnol addiction. You may have even tried to talk to him, but he just made excuses, ignored your concerns, or rationalized that he (or she) wasn’t addicted.

Why Does My Son or Daughter Continue to Use Rohypnol Despite its Obvious Effects?

Watching your son or daughter continue in Rohypnol addiction despite the negative consequences can be a perplexing process. You cannot understand why anyone would want to be an addict, but there are several reasons why your son or daughter might continue to use Rohypnol despite its obvious effects. Reasons your son or daughter might remain a Rohypnol addict include the following:

  • Elative effects. Rohypnol creates feelings of relaxation and ease, lowers inhibitions, and intensifies the feelings associated with being intoxicated. The drug often causes memory loss for a period of time as well. A person who wants to feel good and/or to forget about problems for a while would be attracted to this drug and might not want to live without those positive feelings, even if chemically induced.
  • Physical dependency. Rohypnol creates physical dependence over time. This simply means that the body has become accustomed to the drug and will experience physical signs of withdrawal without it. These withdrawal symptoms can be painful, which may lead an addict to return to his addiction rather than deal with pain of detox.
  • Emotional dependence. While physical dependence can diminish during detox, emotional dependence on Rohypnol does not disappear as quickly or easily. An addict often thinks that he or she cannot manage the pain or deal with life without the help of Rohypnol. As a result, an addict will continue using until the consequences of addiction are too much.

Because of these factors that often get in the way of an addict’s desire for recovery, it is vital for you to speak to a qualified professional about your son or daughter’s addiction.

Why Is Family Mediation Necessary for Addiction Recovery?

Family intervention is often the catalyst for helping a Rohypnol addict recognize his problem and take responsibility for the effects of his addiction. Other attempts at persuading, bribing, cajoling, threatening or manipulating the addict into rehab have failed, leaving the family with the need for an intervention.

During the mediation process, a professional interventionist will guide the family through the steps of confronting the addict. That professional will also be present during the mediation session, acting as in impartial third party while also allowing loved ones to voice their concerns and hurts. Because an interventionist is not emotionally involved, he or she can diffuse volatile situations and provide neutral ground for discussion.

Getting Help for Your Child’s Rohypnol Addiction

You want your child to overcome Rohypnol addiction. We can help you with this. Call our toll free number any time, 24 hours a day, and talk with one of our recovery treatment specialists about your situation. He or she will talk with you about the options available to your son or daughter. Our caring staff understands the pain and agony of your child’s addiction, and we can help your child on the road to recovery.