Why Unexpected Events Will Always Test Recovery

Why Unexpected Events Will Always Test Recovery

Probably the biggest challenge about unexpected events is that they are unexpected. However, unexpected events happen in everyone’s life at one point or another. Some unexpected events may be positive such as a surprise party. Other unexpected events can be stressful. The key to deal with the unexpected is to be as prepared as possible. To do so, you may want to learn about how to expect the unexpected, how to deal with unexpected events and ways to cope when the unexpected events are stressful.

Expect the Unexpected

The idea of expecting the unexpected may seem ridiculous, but there are several things you can do to be in a better place to deal with events that come up unexpected. In the post, “Learn to Expect the Unexpected,” the author talks about several ways that can help you prepare for the unexpected including the following:

  • Be prepared – By preparing for events you know about, you increase your chance of handling something if it comes up unexpectedly. Plan A is what you expect. Make a Plan B where you may anticipate something that might arise and how you want to handle it. If the planned event has many aspects to it, such as planning an outdoor barbeque for your colleagues from work, you might event want a Plan C that deals with other variables that could impact the original plan. These contingency plans save you time, stress and may make you feel that the unexpected is something that you can handle.
  • Live in the moment – By paying attention and enjoying your surroundings, you can get a sense of what your baseline emotions and actions are. This way when an unexpected event occurs you adjust your emotions and actions appropriately. With this type of strategy, you can be more aware, activate your plans and remain relaxed.
  • Visualize – Visualizing potential outcomes is another way to minimize the unexpected. For example, if you visualize that someone may get too close to the grill during the barbeque, you can then visualize yourself getting the first aid kit and taking care of the concern with minimal drama. If you can envision what’s going to happen, you can react to it quickly without thinking because you’ve seen it in your mind.

When you employ these various strategies, you are better able to handle an event that has reached a crisis level. Regardless of the level of stress caused by the unexpected event, you need to take time afterwards to return to a calm and balanced state. You need to refresh, rebalance and rejuvenate yourself. Stressful situations that last for a long time can cause harmful chronic stress syndrome.

Dealing with Unexpected Events

Some of the suggestions for expecting the unexpected also apply to how to deal with unexpected events, such as living in the present moment and making plans. In addition, in his post, “10 Tips for Dealing with Surprises and Unexpected Events,” the author discusses additional ways to deal with unexpected events including the following:

  • Acknowledge the fact that unexpected events are part of life and are unavoidable.
  • Keep a positive attitude. Even a negative event can awaken ambition, motivation and persistence, which would lead to progress and success.
  • Before reacting without thought, wait for a few moments. The unexpected event may turn out to be something that is easy to cope with, temporary or something that can be easily fixed.
  • Take the initiative and introduce small changes into your life. These changes can help you cope more easily with surprises and events that are out of your control.
  • Try to detach yourself emotionally from the event. This allows you to think more clearly.
  • Build your inner strength by strengthening your willpower and self-discipline.
  • Practicing meditation for 10 minutes every day will help make you feel, calm, relaxed and unperturbed by the events in your life.

By being as prepared as you possible can to unexpected events and making calm, clear-headed reactions when these events occur, you can help prevent unexpected events from testing your rohypnol recovery.

Coping with Negative Unexpected Events

For people in recovery, coping with negative unexpected events is critical to help you prevent relapse. In the post, “10 Ways to Cope When Bad Things Happen,” the author agrees with the other suggestions about putting some emotional distance between yourself and the unexpected event so you can react in a more appropriate manner. In addition, the author provides strategies for coping with unexpected events including the following:

  • Instead of questioning the event, focus on creating a positive outcome.
  • There is almost always some value in challenging situations. Look for it.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help from people who are more knowledgeable.
  • Unexpected events have a start and a finish. Remember it’s temporary.
  • Role playing, similar to visualization, helps you remove yourself emotionally from a frustrating challenge and prepare an appropriate response.
  • When in doubt, laugh which provides a way to release emotional stress and cope with a challenge.
  • Don’t take it personally because that can lead to blame and other worthless thoughts.

Learning to cope with the challenges you face enhances your emotional maturity, which can give you further strength to maintain your sobriety.

Get Help Learning How to Deal with Unexpected Events

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