Why Rohypnol Abuse Isn’t Limited to a Single Social Group

Why Rohypnol Abuse Isn't Limited to a Single Social Group

Some drugs are linked to one single social group. However, drug abuse can occur in any population to any person. Each drug has different effects that may make it more appealing to different people. Rohypnol is one of many drugs that is abused by a variety of social groups, but professional treatment can help users recover.

What Is Rohypnol?

Rohypnol is a benzodiazepine that treats certain sleep disorders, particularly insomnia. This drug acts as a depressant on the central nervous system, producing the sedative effects that Rohypnol is medically used for. While Rohypnol is available for use in other countries, it has not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. However, its illegality does not stop it from being illegally distributed around the country. Dealers distribute the drug at high prices to those aiming to use it for various reasons. Those that use the drug illegally may instead know Rohypnol as “roofies” or the “date rape drug.” These terms refer to the drug’s ability to induce short-term amnesia, in which the drug user cannot remember what happened.

What Social Groups Use Rohypnol?

Rohypnol abuse is commonly associated with young adults and teenagers who are involved in the party scene. When taken in large doses, this drug can create a euphoric high similar to that of other drugs. For this reason, social groups that frequently attend parties may abuse the drug in combination with alcohol for strong euphoric effects. Though young adults may use Rohypnol most often for its euphoric effects, other social groups abuse it for different reasons. For example, older adults may abuse it to treat insomnia. When all other methods fail to induce sleep, those with insomnia may abuse Rohypnol for relief. Rohypnol’s effects last around eight hours, allowing those who are sleep deprived to obtain a full night of sleep.

Those who suffer from mental health disorders, regardless of age, are also at an increased risk of abusing Rohypnol. Depression and anxiety are two mental health disorders commonly associated with substance abuse. Rohypnol is an appealing substance to those with these disorders, largely due to the drug’s euphoric and sedative effects. Those with depression may seek a Rohypnol-induced euphoria to escape the numbness and emotional pain they endure. On the other hand, those with anxiety may abuse the drug for its sedative qualities to achieve deep relaxation and sleep.

Dangers of Rohypnol Abuse

Regardless of what social group is involved, Rohypnol abuse can have serious consequences. While the drug is in use, accidents and injuries can result from impaired coordination. Rohypnol can also impair a person’s judgment, further increasing the risk of accidents. Other dangerous effects that may occur while using Rohypnol include sedation, confusion and memory loss. Memory loss is a particularly strong concern while using this drug, as many users unknowingly become targets of sexual assault.

Rohypnol Addiction Help

If you or a loved one has become addicted to Rohypnol, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you have about treatment for Rohypnol addiction, so seek their help now to overcome drug abuse.