What to Do When Someone Lies About Rohypnol Use

What to Do When Someone Lies About Rohypnol Use

Individuals struggling with Rohypnol use and abuse will often lie about their behavior to friends and family members. People addicted to Rohypnol are consumed with thoughts of the drug and actively seek out ways to prolong their drug abuse without the knowledge of friends and family members. However, friends and family members eventually find out about an addicted loved one’s behavior, as addiction is difficult to hide long term.

How to Respond to an Addicted Loved One

When friends or family members becomes aware of an addict’s drug abuse, it can be difficult for them to know how to respond to the lies of the addict. Consider the following tips about what to do when someone lies about Rohypnol use:

  • Do not take it personally – A person struggling with Rohypnol addiction will typically be accustomed to quickly lying about his behavior in order to cover up his habit. In most cases, the lie is not a personal attack or act of disrespect towards the friend or family member. Instead, lying is simply a coping mechanism to avoid confrontation and protect addictive drug use. A friend or family member of an addict should not take lies from an addict personally. Understanding that lying is a coping mechanism for addicts and seeking out ways to make the addict feel comfortable with the truth is essential.
  • Express personal perspective – It is important to not accept the lie of the addict but to lovingly express personal perspective about his behavior. Expressing personal perspective in a loving way can help you communicate to the addict that you are aware of the addiction and want to help.
  • Do not blame the addict – Blaming an addict for his negative or deceitful behavior breaks down any trust that an addict may have and pushes him further away from getting the help he needs. By understanding that addiction is a medical disease that requires treatment and is not the fault of the addict, you can help him move closer to beneficial treatment.
  • Be factual about the behavior – Presenting facts to the addict about his behavior and the effects that it has had on others can help him realize the severity of his condition. Presenting facts can also break through lies that the addict comes up with and help him understand that certain lies will no longer be believed or tolerated.
  • Ensure that the truth will not be judged – Allow the addict to feel comfortable with telling the truth by ensuring that it will not be judged.
  • Explain the benefits of change – Explain the benefits of accepting treatment and overcoming addiction such as a healthier mind and body, renewed relationships and the return of former healthy interests. When addiction sets in most addicts know that it is not beneficial and will continue to hurt them, but are unable to overcome it alone.

By being understanding and compassionate about the addict’s struggle with Rohypnol addiction and seeking out ways to influence and encourage him to change, addiction can be overcome.

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