What If Rohypnol Rehab Isn’t For Me?

Rohypnol is a benzodiazepine drug. It is used to achieve a sedated or hypnotic type of high, and it also can act as an anesthetic. Rohypnol is often associated with bars, night clubs and rave parties and is commonly referred to as the “date rape drug.” This street name is the result of Rohypnol being secretly administered so that the perpetrator can sexually assault the victim without being later identified. As with other benzodiazepines Rohypnol’s effects gradually decrease as a result of increased tolerance. As the body compensates for the presence of Rohypnol, more of the drug is needed to achieve the original effects. Addiction can occur in a matter of weeks, and each use is accompanied by the risk of severe consequences. Despite these deterrents many who commonly abuse Rohypnol would prefer to fight the side effects with continued use rather than be confronted with withdrawal symptoms.

Common Fears Concerning Rohypnol Addiction Rehabilitation

It is difficult to accept the possibility of addiction and overcome denial about a Rohypnol abuse problem. It is also intimidating to consider battling that addiction. Addicts may fear life without Rohypnol, as their behaviors, thoughts and social circles may revolve around the drug and drug use. Imagining social interactions, coping with stress or managing daily life without Rohypnol can be frightening or overwhelming. Thoughts of the rehab process may stifle progress towards change. Inpatient professional rehab centers are often perceived inaccurately. Potential patients may believe that being in treatment will feel confining and uncomfortable. The time away from home and loved ones may seem like too great of a sacrifice, and addicts may not believe that rehab is financially feasible.

The Truth Concerning Professional Rohypnol Addiction Treatment Centers

Rohypnol rehab is not the painful and isolating experience that users may believe it will be. The goal of quality treatment centers is to provide an environment conducive to recovery. Treatment options, much like individual addictions, are not identical. Doing the following increases a patient’s chances of choosing a rehab facility that is effective and appropriate for them:

  • Verify accreditation. If the program has been certified by an objective body such as CARF, then it is likely that industry standards and requirements are being met. This is a broad and effective method for narrowing the Rohypnol rehab search.
  • Visit potential facilities. The environment of a rehab center is important to recovery. One of the reasons that self-administered rehab fails is that the addict remains in a setting full of the people and things that have become associated with drug use. In a facility where the environment has been carefully constructed and monitored, these triggers are neutralized.
  • Staff to patient ratio. If there are sufficient staff members for each patient, the facility is more equipped to battle the specific aspects of each addiction.
  • Identify the priorities of the potential primary care counselor. If this counselor dedicates ample time to one-on-one meetings with patients, then the program is rightfully focused on the patients.
  • Availability of aftercare programs. The program should either offer their own aftercare services or be able to connect outgoing patients with an effective and consistent aftercare program.

Find Rohypnol Rehab Options That Are Right for you

If you or someone that you love is addicted to or abusing Rohypnol, please call our 24 hour toll-free helpline. Trained an experienced professionals will answer your questions and help you make an active step towards recovery.