What If I Hate Being Sober After Rohypnol Rehab?

Many people who struggle with addiction assume or fear they won’t be able to enjoy their life after drugs. This is understandable, as a life of drug abuse involves such excessive use that times without the drug may seem dull or lacking. The truth, however, is that drug abuse initiates an unhealthy and unnatural cycle of highs and lows that exaggerate one’s perception of each end of the spectrum. After a high, the lows seem especially deep; and, after such lows a high seems unreachable without drugs. But this is the deception of drugs like Rohypnol. While this cycle can make you feel as if a drug-free life would be boring and dull, a healthy future without Rohypnol doesn’t have to be. It can be fulfilling and exciting in ways that are natural and fun.

Will I Lose Friends by Going to Rohypnol Rehabilitation?

One of the reasons you may be worried about life after Rohypnol rehab is that most of your current friends might also be involved in drug use. It is true that in order to encourage a healthy, drug-free future you might need to sever certain relationships with people who use drugs. This is understandably difficult, but it is important to remember that you don’t have to abandon these people completely. You can tell them of the experiences you’ve had in rehab and how it helped you get clean. You can offer to point them in the same direction. But what you shouldn’t do is allow them to drag you back down into drug use. As much as these friendships might mean to you, it is important to remember that these relationships are also destructive. Support groups can provide you with the chance to build new, healthy relationships with people who share your goal of a healthy, drug-free future.

How to Avoid Rohypnol Relapse

Life after Rohypnol rehab also encourages recovering addicts to avoid the places that provoke drug use, such as bars or other hangouts. Just as with the severing of old friendships, this is an understandable concern – after all, everyone has their favorite places to spend time with friends. But again, after a battle with addiction, certain places can be especially risky for a recovering addict. Avoiding them might be difficult, but if a drug-free life is your goal, these old places will only push you back and not forward.

A great way to approach Rohypnol addiction recovery is to think of ways to replace old, damaging habits (or people and places) with constructive ones. For some people this might mean more time engaging spirituality; for others it could be exercise and healthy eating habits. After Rohypnol rehab, there will inevitably be voids in your life – empty spaces that drugs and everything that goes with them once filled. Healthy habits, relationships and places can fill these voids and help to build you up, instead of tearing you down.

Rohypnol Addiction Help

The most important thing to remember before, during and after Rohypnol rehab is that you don’t need to do it alone. The rehab professionals at a treatment facility are equipped to treat you during rehab and prepare you for life after you leave. After a stint in rehab, you can always return, and should, if you feel you might be slipping back toward Rohypnol use. You can always call our toll-free 24 hour helpline to speak with a trained addiction counselor who can answer your questions. Life after Rohypnol rehab can be great. Call today and find out how.