What Can I Do as the Friend of an Addict?

What Can I Do as the Friend of an Addict?

Addiction consumes every aspect of an addict’s life and will often take priority over any relationship, career path, or responsibilities. Addicts often look for an individual they can trust and being a strong support system for an addict can help keep their addiction from worsening.

How Can I Help?

Friends and loved ones of the addict, actually have an enormous amount of power in helping to persuade an addict into treatment. Included in the following are some examples on how you can help:

  • Be the addict’s advocate
  • Do not talk down or degrade the addict
  • Set healthy boundaries

Addicts often feel alone and isolated.  By being their advocate you help the addict understand people do care and do want what is best for them. When talking to the addict or talking with others regarding the addict, avoid negative comments that degrade the addict and their behaviors. Addicts understand what they are doing is not right. However, having the constant reminder may cause them to dig further into their addiction. For your health and sanity, set healthy boundaries with the addict. Make sure these boundaries are something you can stick to and make sure the addict understands your limits when it comes to your relationship.

How to Approach Others for Support

By building a strong support system for the addict, you are not only helping the family become a stronger unit, you are showing the addict how loved they truly are. Included in the following are some examples of how to approach others for support:

  • Address your concerns
  • Have options everyone can decide on
  • Make sure everyone knows what to expect

Asking for support from other family members or friends of an addict, calls for an immense amount of courage. When you address others for support, make sure you’re addressing individuals who care about the addict as much as yourself. Address your concerns and fears regarding the addict’s behaviors and current lifestyle. Research treatment options and find a group of options that you believe will best fit the addict and present your findings to the group. Make sure everyone has their opinions heard and take a vote on the plan of action. Other supporters may not know what to expect from the addict when they approach them, make sure everyone understands the worst case scenario.

Drug Addiction Treatment

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