What Are Recovery Schools?

What Are Recovery Schools?

Recovery schools are programs designed to support teenagers and young adults who are recovering from addiction and/or mental health disorders. The number of recovery schools in the US is increasing, because they help addicts stay clean while learning to be functioning members of society.

Recovery schools have a zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol. They provide academic services and recovery assistance so recovering addicts can transition from treatment to everyday life. Recovery is a long process, so it can overwhelm teens and young adults who must return to life roles and responsibilities. Recovering addicts cannot live in a protective bubble for the rest of their lives, so the goal of recovery is to get people into meaningful lives worth staying sober for. This transition does not happen overnight, but, if teens and young adults find safe, supportive environments to ease their return into everyday life, then they are more likely to avoid relapse.

Benefits of Recovery Schools After Addiction Treatment

School can be a major relapse trigger: leaving treatment for a place where drug use occurred around people who provided or used drugs is a recipe for disaster. However, recovery schools provide healthy environments for kids who are working to stay sober. Furthermore teens and young adults need consistent education while in recovery, because addiction is a powerful disease that can destroy one’s future. A teen must know there is hope after addiction, life is not over and he deserves a better life. Getting through school can set the framework for a teenager’s entire future. Not only are recovery schools important from an academic standpoint, but they also aid the healing process. Such students can build their confidence and several other skills as they put effort into making educational achievements.

Recovery schools are run by a staff who is trained to teach and work with kids dealing with addiction and mental health issues. Teachers are empathetic, so they understand the complex issues that teens in recovery face. Another great benefit of recovery schools is that the staff is far more likely to spot signs of relapse, so they can refer students to services that help get them back on track. Drugs are rampant in schools, so recovery schools remove this temptation so teens can work toward bright futures.

Find Addiction Treatment, Recovery Schools or Other Services

If you are ready to find treatment, recovery schools or other services for addiction recovery, we can help. Our toll-free helpline is operated 24 hours a day by admissions coordinators who are happy to help you find treatment or recovery. Our staff can answer your questions, address your concerns and provide all the information you need. If you are ready to locate a treatment program, they can help you find the options that will work for your unique needs.