Three Unexpected Positives of Rehab from Rohypnol


Rohypnol is used to treat insomnia and as a pre-anesthetic for surgery. Rohypnol is not available for legal use in the United States and is often referred to as the “date-rape” drug. Rohypnol is a powerful sedative and is odorless and colorless. So slipping the drug into a beverage is an easy way to use the drug to facilitate an attack against another person. Rohypnol is also highly habit forming. Using the drug in ways other than prescribed by a physician can lead to addiction. If you or a loved one uses Rohypnol and you think an addiction has developed, the best way to deal with the issue is through drug addiction rehab. Rehab gives users the opportunity to detox from the drug, learn how and why the addiction developed and learn how to fight cravings and live a drug-free life. Among all the positive results drug rehab can bring about, sometimes there are pleasant and unexpected surprises along the way.

Rebuild Relationships

Drug rehab helps those in treatment learn how to live a drug-free life with the help of therapy and ongoing support. The individual is strengthened and helped through the process. But along the way, relationships that were damaged by the addiction are also healed. Drug addiction rehab strives to help rebuild the life of the patient, and rebuilding the individual’s health can give him or her the strength and ability to reach out to loved ones that were hurt in the process. A person addicted to Rohypnol may think he is just going into rehab for himself, but successful recovery can also give life back to couples, families and friendships.

Restore Health

Drug addiction takes its toll on not only the mind but the body. Many people who struggle with Rohypnol addiction also suffer from malnutrition. As the need for the drug takes over any other need, food becomes and afterthought when it comes to getting high. Drug rehab treatment gives patients a chance to restore their physical health. Through counseling on nutrition and making good choices in all areas of life, the physical body has a chance to rid itself of the toxins of the drug while learning what healthy food tastes like and does to strengthen the body and mind.

Reinvent Career

When a person struggles with drug addiction, his career is often part of the fallout of the downward spiral. Loss of respect and credibility among co-workers can quickly lead to job loss. As drug rehab rebuilds a life from the inside out, those in treatment often discover new passions that had been buried in substance abuse. These new passions can open doors to new possibilities when it comes to career choices, or awaken dreams that had long been left behind. Getting back to your former career is also possible, but opening your mind to a new future can also be an unexpected result of drug treatment.

Finding Help for Rohypnol Addiction

If you or a loved one struggles with Rohypnol abuse, we are here to help you. Call our toll-free helpline – available 24 hours a day – to speak to an admissions coordinator about available treatment options.