Things You Might Not Know About Rohypnol

If you’ve been abusing Rohypnol and are looking to make a change, there are many things about the drug you need to know that will reinforce your decision to stop abusing. Many users abuse drugs without knowing much about them, putting their health at risk for a temporary high. Abusing any drug is very dangerous, and Rohypnol especially causes many fatal accidents and other mistakes a user may regret. Rohypnol is also highly addictive and users can become addicted after even a short period of abuse. If you’re abusing Rohypnol you need to seek help now and stop your pattern of abuse before it’s too late. Rohypnol addiction is tough to beat, but life without Rohypnol is much better than the life of an addict.

Rohypnol Effects Are Long-Lasting

Users abuse Rohypnol to achieve a high at raves and parties, but the effects last much longer than an hour or two. Effects from Rohypnol may occur for over 12 hours, and include memory lapses, disorientation, dizziness, drowsiness, and headaches. Users that take Rohypnol often drive home from a party which can lead to fatal accidents or an arrest. Rohypnol causes users to make bad decisions and may lead you to commit a crime. Even if you’re taking Rohypnol at a party, the consequences can be severe and you can’t take your actions back.

Rohypnol Can Lead to Sexual Assault

Rohypnol is known as a date rape drug because people often lace drinks with it to take advantage of others. Rohypnol users, particularly women, also put themselves at risk when they take Rohypnol. Rohypnol can cause severe drowsiness and confusion, leading to an increased vulnerability. If you abuse Rohypnol, someone could take advantage of your situation in order to assault you sexually, rob you, or cause other harm.

Find Rohypnol Treatment Now

Rohypnol addiction can ruin your life if you let it, but with help you can begin to rebuild your life. If you are looking for Rohypnol addiction treatment, contact our toll-free helpline and they can help you find an effective treatment center that is right for you. Our addiction experts can talk to you about Rohypnol addiction and about the different types of treatment available. Your health insurance may offer coverage for your treatment so be sure to ask about that. We are available 24 hours a day, so call us now and start getting the help you deserve. Make today the day you changed your life.