The Importance of Holding an Intervention for Rohypnol Use

The Importance of holding an intervention for Rohypnol use

Addicts will often avoid addiction treatment because they ignore the damage of their drug abuse. Each person is different, so they will various issues will shake up addicts enough to seek help, like car accidents, being arrested or even going to the hospital because of overdose. However, if addicts recognize the love of their family and friends, they are also likely to seek treatment. By holding an intervention, family and friends help not only the addict, but also themselves.

How to Address Rohypnol Abuse

Jumping into an intervention will not benefit anyone. It is essential that family and friends take the following steps when addressing Rohypnol abuse:

  • Seek professional help from an interventionist
  • Family and friends should practice before the intervention
  • Set consequences if the addict avoids treatment
  • Seek help if the addict has hurt you emotionally or physically

When family members and close friends seek help for an addict, they may plan an intervention. Family and friends could hire an interventionist to moderate the meeting, which allows the addict to have facts and to face a professional. Everyone present should meet prior to the intervention to come up with consequences they must stick to if the addict rejects treatment or drops out prematurely.

Why Hold an Intervention for Rohypnol Abuse?

Addicts often greatly affect the ones they love. This may be because they live with you, you care for them or because you fear for their lives, but this can damage your life as well. Included in the following are some reasons loved ones should step in and address Rohypnol addiction:

  • Addicts need to feel loved and wanted
  • The addict may feel support
  • It may help your health knowing that you did everything you could do

Addicts often feel alone, or feel like their family disowned them, but by supporting their efforts to get treatment you can demonstrate your concern. Again, when addiction is present, each family member is affected differently. Some become dependent upon the addict, which means their lives revolve around the addicts. If this describes you, when the addict calls you are there; when he needs a place to stay you let him, and when he needs money you offer it. Unfortunately, this can plague your health and relationships and enable drug abuse. On the other hand, if you hold an intervention and the addict refuses treatment, you know you did everything in your power to get them help. That way you have no regret.

Rohypnol Addiction Treatment

We understand the pain and suffering you and your loved ones are enduring, but our counselors are available 24 hours a day to help in any way they can. Take advantage of their knowledge by calling our toll-free helpline today. We have helped many people, so let us help you too.