The Elements of Rohypnol Addiction

The Elements of Rohypnol Addiction

Rohypnol is a powerful sedative and central nervous system depressant that is primarily used as an anesthesia and to treat short-term insomnia. It is banned in the US, but it is used medically in over 50 foreign countries. This substance is a common drug of abuse that can lead to addiction, a brain disease that needs professional medical treatment. Once addiction sets in, people cannot stop using the drug solely through willpower or choice. In fact, Rohypnol addiction is characterized by the following issues:

  • Cravings for the substance – Once Rohypnol addiction forms, the brain will send out signals to the rest of the body that cause people to crave the substance. The longer someone goes without receiving the substance, the more intense the craving can become. This process is part of detox, so it is incredibly difficult for people to break physical addiction without the help of medical professionals.
  • Loss of control over use – Rohypnol addiction hijacks the part of the brain that affects decision making, which causes addicts to lose control over their desire for the substance. In other words, an addicted brain encourages users to find and consume the substance.
  • Continuing use despite negative consequences – One of the clearest signs that Rohypnol addiction is a disease is that people continue using the drug in spite of severe consequences. People may know it is better to have a home than to use drugs, but the fact that addicts choose the latter suggests they are not functioning in their right minds.

Rohypnol sparks a surge of a dopamine to flood the part of the brain linked with pleasure and reward. The amount and duration of dopamine released is directly linked with the likelihood of developing an addiction: if Rohypnol is swallowed in pill form, then the surge of dopamine is not as high as it would be if the pill was crushed and snorted, therefore addiction is less likely with the former form of abuse.

To recover from addiction, you must understand both how addiction works and the need for professional treatment. If you continue to believe that addiction is a choice, then you will encounter numerous and unnecessary roadblocks to recovery. Addicts and their loved ones who view addiction as a choice will probably not see the need for professional treatment, so they may never get clean. Understand that Rohypnol addiction is a disease and seek out professional treatment from a licensed rehab facility to find the best recovery results.

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