Suburban Rohypnol Use

Suburban Rohypnol Use

Rohypnol is a benzodiazepine-classed drug that is used medically to provide general anesthetic sedation when patients are going through surgery. It is not, however, approved for use in the United States, so any use in North America is illegal. It is approved and widely used in Europe and South America and has been for over a decade. It has been smuggled into the U.S. for many years. When used in the states, it is use as a recreational drug.

Rohypnol in the United States

Rohypnol is an illegal substance in the United States and has risen in popularity as a “date rape” drug. When people refer to being “rufied,” this is the type of drug they are referring to. Rohypnol is medically an anesthetic and so has the power to induce temporary amnesia in some patients. As a result, many have used it to assist in sexual assault.

What’s worse for such victims is that the drug causes memory loss and they may be unable to recall the assault or the assailant. Sometimes they simply find themselves waking up in a compromising situation or notice abnormalities that make them question what might have happened to them. In this way, predators view it as the perfect assault drug. In the United Kingdom, it has also been used as a robbery aid, helping robbers to steal while causing amnesia in the theft victim.

Suburban Rohypnol Use and Addiction

In suburban neighborhoods Rohypnol use is surprisingly high. Texas and Florida, which are states with prominent suburban populations, are the two most popular states for Rohypnol use. In addition to being used as a rufie, it is also used in combination with other drugs and alcohol to create a euphoric feeling at hard-drug parties and raves. Use is most frequent amongst high school and college students.

When used in this way, addiction is possible. Psychological dependence is possible with both short and long term use and then withdrawal symptoms are likely when use is discontinued. Like other addictions, proper medical assistance is necessary in order to achieve renewed sobriety.

How We Can Help

If you or someone you know is currently suffering from Rohypnol addiction, we are here to help you find the assistance you need. Call our toll-free number, where our counselors are standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist you in any way they can.