Stigmas Related to Rohypnol Addiction

Stigmas Related to Rohypnol Addiction

Rohypnol, a powerful sedative-hypnotic, has such powerful effects that it is now illegal to use in the United States. It is the brand name for the generic drug called flunitrazepam. Many countries treat it as an extremely strong narcotic and regulate it accordingly, but American medical professionals outlaw the substance entirely.

How Society Perceives Rohypnol Use

Because many predators use this drug to overpower women and facilitate rape, Rohypnol is infamous as a date-rape drug. Thus, anyone caught with it is suspected of dangerous intentions toward rape. Rohypnol also has the reputation for abuse among stimulant users, because it mitigates the crash of coming down from a high. Therefore, anyone who possesses this drug can be investigated for the possession and abuse of other drugs, especially illegal stimulants. Students are especially susceptible to addiction through misusing Rohypnol in this way.

Misconceptions That May Arise from Rohypnol Addiction

If Rohypnol addicts avoid suspicion of drug abuse, people may explain their strange behaviors through any of the following misconceptions:

  • Withdrawal symptoms include severe insomnia, anxiety and even seizures, which can lead others to suspect a deep-seated medical problem, such as epilepsy or anxiety
  • The extreme sleepiness it causes can be interpreted as fatigue or laziness
  • The emotional havoc Rohypnol wreaks on addicts leads to wild mood swings that can yield aggression and violence. However, others may think a user has bipolar disorder or a similar mood problem.
  • The slurred speech, mental fuzziness and loss of motor coordination it creates can be imputed to alcohol abuse

Seeing many of these symptoms in a single user should encourage family members and close friends to probe deeper for evidence of drug abuse, especially if their loved one has a history of good health.

How to Recognize and Treat Rohypnol Addiction

Once someone publicly admits to a Rohypnol addiction, society may treat him as a second-class citizen. Society deplores people who lose self-control to substance abuse, and it sees addiction as a sign of weakness. Furthermore, if the drug in question is illegal, it adds the insult of crime to the injury of addiction. Lastly, users are maligned for perpetuating drug trafficking. An addict’s loved ones cannot protect him from the unkind treatment he will endure, but they can do the best thing possible by urging him to seek rehab.

The counselors who answer our toll-free, 24 hour helpline are ready to provide all the information you need to confront a Rohypnol user, help him find a rehab center and support him through recovery. If someone you love is enslaved to Rohypnol and you want to see her free again, please call us today.