Rohypnol Rehab 101

Known infamously as the “date rape drug,” Rohypnol is a horribly addictive and destructive psychoactive benzodiazepine. Though it is still available in some foreign countries, it has been outlawed in the U.S. It acts as a sedative hypnotic and has become increasingly popular in the late night party and club scenes where it is mixed with other drugs and alcohol. When combined with alcohol it produces a highly sedated and amnesic effect which makes people susceptible to sexual assault and theft while rendering them incapable to remember what happened. Recreational use is extremely dangerous and almost always requires in-depth rehab for long term recovery.

The Nature of Rohypnol Addiction

Rohypnol establishes at least two distinct types of addiction. It replaces certain naturally occurring chemicals in the brain and causes the body to stop producing them. This leads to a physical dependency. However, the body also develops a tolerance to the presence of Rohypnol, meaning the user will need a larger and larger supply to feel the same effects. The physical aspect of the addiction means that if and when the individual stops taking the drug, she will experience a range of potentially severe withdrawal symptoms.

But Rohypnol also creates a powerful psychological addiction as it washes over the pleasure center of the brain – the same area responsible for impulse control, emotions and memory – generating a wave of euphoria that the brain will crave again and again. Neural pathways are re-routed and the user will find that he is completely incapable of resisting the urge to take the drug. Persistent anxiety, lack of coordination, slurred speech, marked changes in activity levels, depression and even suicidal thoughts or actions are all signs of psychological addiction to Rohypnol. Many people mistakenly believe these aspects of addiction to be “all in your head” and somehow less serious than physical dependency, but the opposite is true. Psychological addiction is responsible for most relapses.

Rohypnol Addiction Rehabilitation

The highest likelihood of long-term recovery from Rohypnol addiction comes through caring, attentive and innovative treatment at a specialized addiction recovery center. Medically supervised detox allows for the careful administration of medicine that will alleviate most of the harshest symptoms of withdrawal. This addresses the physical addiction and usually takes from several days to a couple of weeks. The psychological addiction is corrected through integrated, holistic rehab of the mind. This takes considerably longer than physical detox and involves several types of therapy including the following:

  • Group and individual counseling
  • 12-step programs
  • Holistic health and wellness care
  • Empowering education
  • Spiritual care
  • The introduction of healthy new habits and diversions
  • Preparation for living beyond the reach of Rohypnol

Rehab can happen in residential or outpatient formats. It continues in the form of individual and group meetings for month or even years. The most successful programs also use an approach called Dual Diagnosis treatment to identify and treat any co-occurring or underlying psychological disorders that may be contributing to the addiction or undermining recovery.

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