Rohypnol Addiction Is Ruining My Marriage

Rohypnol Addiction Is Ruining My Marriage

When it comes to relationships, Rohypnol addiction acts as a wedge. It creates a barrier that, the longer it remains, the further from each other people feel. The intimacy between spouses will suffer greatly due to addiction, an illness that alters the structure and function of the brain. When someone is addicted, then drug abuse impacts her character, way of thinking, feeling and behavior. Addiction changes people, and thereby their relationships.

When people imagine how addiction impacts relationships, they often consider how someone behaves while under the influence of a drug. Yes, drugs impact people in the moment, but addiction actually changes the structure of the brain, which means changes are visible even when someone is sober. In this light, addicts are different not only while under the influence, but also when they are not.

Rohypnol addiction can cause several physical and psychological changes. From the influence of the substance to withdrawal symptoms, someone’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors may involve irritability, psychosis, depression, aggression, drowsiness and blacking out. Furthermore, addicts become obsessed with fighting off withdrawal symptoms and feeding their addictions. Addiction is consuming, so it causes people to behavior selfishly and secretively. Addicts may lie, distance themselves and mistreat anyone who stands in the way of drug use.

Many addicts try to hide their drug use, which can cause so much separation between spouses that an addict may be juggling two lives. On the other hand, some people are aware of their partners’ ongoing substance abuse, but they are either too afraid to confront the issue, or they have no idea how to do so. No matter why you hesitate to get help, addiction will not heal itself; it is a destructive, persistent disease that will break you down over time.

It is common for someone to feel deeply hurt and confused by her partner’s addiction, but learning about addiction can help undo some of this pain. While someone’s initial decision to abuse a substance was of his own will, he is no longer in control of his decisions after addiction sets in. The disease pulls the strings as a puppet master, which is why addiction acts like a wedge no matter how close a couple may be.

Mending a relationship strained by addiction is difficult, so it will take time. Addicts must find recovery before rebuilding their lives and the relationships in them. Family therapy and counseling is a great component of recovery that helps both parties heal together. When addicts must address distrust, anger, fear, resentment and other issues, it is best to do so with the help of a trained professional.

Mending Your Life After Rohypnol Addiction

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