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Rohypnol is very dangerous and leads to physical and psychological dependence, which increases with heightened dosages and duration of use.  The effects of Rohypnol addiction can be dramatic as physical, mental, financial, and social consequences become increasingly worse.

Rohypnol addiction is a very serious problem that should not be faced alone. Most addicts set out to break the addiction on their own, but statistics prove that the results do not last long. Becoming willing to seek and accept help from professionals is the first step on the road to recovery. Receiving treatment for addiction is best done in a safe and stable environment where patients are surrounded by trusted professionals. Research shows that residential treatment programs of at least three months have the best results.

Treatment for Rohypnol Addiction

Breaking an addiction is a multi-phase, multi-faceted, long-term process. The first phase of treatment for Rohypnol will begin with detoxification, a time when addicts are slowly weaned off the drug. It is important to do this under the supervision of professionals, because withdrawal symptoms can be very severe and sometimes dangerous.

Detox alone is not enough to break the addiction cycle. The next stage of treatment is focused on the psychological and emotional aspects of addiction. Drug addicts need to be equipped with new ways to respond when they are confronted with old patterns and behaviors that could lead them back to drug abuse. This phase includes counseling, behavior modification, and support groups. By treating both the physical and psychological effects of addiction, you increase your chances of a successful recovery.

Finding Help for Rohypnol Addiction

We are here to help you overcome your Rohypnol addiction. There is hope—thousands of people have undergone treatment and have successfully recovered. You can get your life back, but you must make that decision which could be one of the most important of your life—to seek help.

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