Rohypnol Abuse Rates in Australia

Rohypnol Abuse Rates in Australia

Rohypnol is a psychotropic drug that is illegal in many countries. This is because the benzodiazepine is known for its mind and mood-altering properties, along with the sedative effects. However, in countries where it is legal the drug is often prescribed to address insomnia or bouts of anxiety. Australia is one such country where the drug has legal prescriptions, but its residents also abuse this powerful drug. People in Australia who abuse this drug should seek professional help to recover, because they may face crippling withdrawal symptoms and high chances for relapse if they avoid help.

Misconceptions about Rohypnol Addiction

For a number of years many people associated Rohypnol with drugged drinks and sexual assault. While no one can deny that Rohypnol (or roofies) has been used to facilitate crimes like sexual assault, what many often fail to do is recognize that an addiction like this is as much a problem as other types of drug addictions. Additionally, Rohypnol addiction is a common problem in Australia, due in part to the frequency at which these prescriptions are issued. Prescription medications are sometimes easier to abuse, as many job sites and parole screenings do not test for this drug. This means they can be abused without concern of losing a job or violating parole.

Rohypnol Addiction Treatment in Australia

With law enforcement doing their utmost to crack down on Rohypnol abuse in Australia, it can be tempting to think that the problem will eventually disappear. However, firmer restrictions on drugs do not get them out of the hands of those who have an addiction. When people are addicted to Rohypnol, it is important that they seek Rohypnol rehab. Long-term Rohypnol abuse can lead to seizures, brain damage, coma and death, especially when the drug is consumed with alcohol or other similar drugs.

Treatment options for Rohypnol addiction vary greatly, but spending time in a treatment facility is one of the best methods of breaking free from any addiction. In a treatment program, you will be guided through the detox process along with a number of therapeutic solutions that help you get to the core of the addiction itself.

Help Treating Rohypnol Addiction

To learn more about Rohypnol abuse in Australia, or to explore treatment options for Rohypnol addiction, then please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline. Calls are confidential and answered by knowledgeable counselors who can help you explore your options as you seek sobriety.