Resources That Can Help You to Not Drink

Resources That Can Help You to Not Drink

There are several options for achieving your initial recovery including residential and outpatient addiction treatment programs, support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, and intensive individual counseling. Having successfully completed one of those options has given you a great start toward living a sober life. However, as we all know, treatment is just the first step and the remainder of the journey has just begun. You need to spend each day in a committed relationship with your sobriety and you will need several resources to help you maintain your recovery.

Adjusting your lifestyle, using technology and engaging in camaraderie with pets are just three resources you can use to help you to not drink.

Adjust Your Lifestyle

Living a sober life, especially in a culture that engages in social drinking as a common practice, is quite difficult to do. However, you know that maintaining a lifestyle that supports your recovery is very important. Several authors contributed to a WikiHow article, “How to Stay Sober,” that provides six tips for creating a sober lifestyle including the following:

  • Remove temptations – You need to get rid of all alcohol in your home, ask your friends to not drink around you and avoid events that have a strong alcohol contribution. While these may seem like radical steps, they will help you determine who is in your support network and who is committed to your recovery. In addition, it helps you start looking at trying new social events that do not require alcohol.
  • Lean on your support system – Everyone needs support from friends, acquaintances or even knowledgeable strangers. This is especially true of people who are transitioning from the destructive life of alcohol abuse towards the healthier sober living lifestyle.
  • Stay committed – This is often easier to do when you are not being challenged in your recovery. However, it is important to find ways to stay committed when you are being challenged. Keeping a list of the reasons you quit drinking and another list of the more positive things your life has to offer while sober is a first step. Also call upon your support team and never give up, even if you suffer through a relapse.
  • Reward yourself – Setting a reasonable goal and then rewarding yourself for achieving that goal is an effective way to keep your motivation up.
  • Stay busy and active – Creating a lifestyle that includes eating healthy and regular meals throughout the day, exercising every day, engaging in stress relieving activities and getting a good night’s sleep is a very time consuming endeavor. If you have additional spare time, you might consider volunteering or starting a new hobby.
  • Remind yourself daily that you will never drink again – When people are told they cannot do something, they often obsess about wanting to do it. However, when it comes to drinking, you need the recurring thought in the back of your mind that you will never drink again, not even one drink.

By keeping a sober lifestyle, you have a positive focus, a clear understanding of the people in your support network and activities that are rewarding and productive.

Technology Can Help

The world of technology that many enjoy today includes several options you can consider as resources to help you to not drink. In the article, “Seven apps to help you stay sober, one day at a time,” you can learn about apps that can help you by serving as a resource not to drink. These apps include the following:

  • OneHealth Meeting Finder – This app is available for free on the iOS, Android device. This app helps you find meetings in your area and place them on your calendar.
  • Anonymous Sober Chat for AA – This app is available for free on iOS. This app provides chat support.
  • Rebos – This app is available for free on iOS. This app is designed to help you create a social network of sober people living within your area.
  • Friend of Bill – This app is available for $1.00 on iOS. This app helps track the number of days you have been sober, provides a motivational quote and gives you easy access to your sponsor.
  • I Am Sober – This app is available for $2.00 on iOS. This app also helps track the number of days you have been sober, how much you have saved by not drinking and identifies your key milestones.
  • 12-Steps AA Companion – This app is available for $3.00 on iOS and $2.00 on Android. This app contains sections for the Big Book (and notes), a sobriety calculator, and a contacts/meeting finder tab.
  • Field Guide to Life – This app is available for $5.00 on iOS or Android. This app provides literature, challenges, a meeting finder and a panic button you can use to ask for quick support.

Many people are constantly connected to their mobile devices so these apps can provide additional support throughout the entire day. Any form or support or motivation that works for you is worth the time you invest.


In the article, “5 Ways My Cats Help Me Stay Sober,” the author explains that by taking care of a pet can help in recovery because pets love you unconditionally, make your responsible for another, cheer you up, connect you to something bigger than yourself and provide comfort. These are valuable conditions that help you in recovery.

Get Help to Not Drink

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