Questions to Ask a Rohypnol Rehab Center

Although there are similarities between Rohypnol addiction treatment centers, there are also many differences. No one rehab center is right for everyone. In determining what program might best fit your needs or the needs of a loved one, there are a number of things to consider.

Should I Choose Inpatient or Outpatient Rohypnol Rehabilitation?

One of the first treatment decisions to be made is whether you will pursue inpatient or outpatient Rohypnol addiction care. Inpatient rehab involves staying at the treatment facility for the duration of care. Outpatient services allow patients to live at home while participating in treatment options. Inpatient care offers the best chance at recovery success, but outpatient Rohypnol treatment may be a better fit for individuals with family or work responsibilities. Some programs combine both inpatient and outpatient care by starting patients in inpatient care and transition them to an outpatient program.

Are There Current Openings in the Rohypnol Recovery Program?

This is important to know. Not all programs will have openings at the time that any given patient needs help, so patients may need to be somewhat flexible when considering options. There may be a waiting list, or Rohypnol users may want to choose another program before they lose the resolve to get clean.

How Long Will Rohypnol Rehabilitation Last?

Anyone entering a Rohypnol addiction treatment program should how long the program is designed to last. If attending an outpatient program, patients will also want to know how many hours per day or week are required and the specific hours of treatment. Some programs meet in the evenings or on weekends to accommodate jobs while others meet during traditional working hours. If attending inpatient rehab, expect to spend around 30 days in treatment, although programs can be longer or shorter.

How Much Will Rohypnol Rehabilitation Cost?

Financial considerations are important to discuss. Will insurance cover your treatment? Will the center develop a payment plan? Is in-house financing available? Is government help available? Some scholarships for Rohypnol rehab are available, and some employers may help cover costs.

Are Rohypnol Detoxification Services Offered?

Detoxification in which withdrawal symptoms are monitored and managed as the patient’s body rids itself of the drug is the first step in Rohypnol addiction treatment. Some rehab programs offer detox services on-site as part of a comprehensive program, but others expect patients to complete the detox process in a hospital or free-standing clinic environment before entering the program.

What Specialty Rohypnol Addiction Treatment Options Are Offered?

Patients who have or suspect they have physical or emotional health issues which may complicate Rohypnol addiction recovery will want to ask whether rehab facilities treat co-occurring conditions. Recovery success is greater when all conditions are treated simultaneously. Other rehab specialties may include programs designed specifically for certain age groups, gender or faith.

We Can Help You Get Started

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