Misconceptions about Interventions for Rohypnol Users

Misconceptions about Interventions for Rohypnol Users

There are many misconceptions surrounding interventions, which can prevent individuals from holding one in order to help their loved one overcome Rohypnol abuse. Some common misconceptions about interventions for Rohypnol abuse include the following:

  • A Rohypnol abuser must hit rock bottom before an intervention can be effective. Waiting for a Rohypnol abuser to reach his or her lowest point before intervening can be too late. Rohypnol abuse can cause severe respiratory depression, and when mixed with alcohol, it can become highly toxic, resulting in death. A well-planned intervention that shows genuine care for a Rohypnol abuser is often enough to motivate him or her to seek treatment.
  • Staging an intervention is useless if a Rohypnol abuser has already been through treatment and relapsed. While relapsing back into Rohypnol abuse does not necessarily happen, it can often be common during the recovery process. There are numerous forms of treatment for drug addiction, and some may not be effective. Seeking professional help to find treatment plans that will better suit a Rohypnol abuser can help result in an effective intervention. Relapse should not prevent a Rohypnol abuser from receiving the intervention he or she needs.
  • Interventions only make matters worse and will push a Rohypnol abuser away. Rohypnol abusers often do not realize how their addiction affects those around them. While the initial response may be negative, a carefully planned intervention can help them understand how the drug abuse is hurting family and friends. When Rohypnol abusers feel genuinely cared for and realize how their actions affect the ones they love, it will often bring them closer and help them to accept treatment.
  • Holding a spontaneous intervention without a plan can be effective in getting a Rohypnol abuser into treatment. Intervening in Rohypnol addiction should not be taken lightly or without caution. An intervention often takes a lot of careful consideration, extensive planning and professional help to be successful. Seeking the services of a professional interventionist can provide the most successful results. There are numerous factors to consider in an intervention that only a professional can adequately address. 
  • An intervention is a dramatic warzone. The media has created a stigma that an intervention is an overly dramatic battle of screaming and fighting. While an intervention is not a pleasant event to be a part of, it does not have to be a battle. A professionally planned intervention focuses on calm discussion, respectful listening and containing threatening situations as they arise. 

Staging an intervention is a delicate process. Seeking help from professionals can provide better results in successfully getting a Rohypnol abuser the treatment he or she needs for a healthy recovery.

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