Making a Mistake While High on Rohypnol

Making a Mistake While High on Rohypnol

Rohpynol is a drug that, taken as a prescription and under doctor’s orders, is effective in treating insomnia. But even in these safe, controlled, and legal situations, the drug should be used very carefully to avoid accidents and mistakes. The following is a list of how Rohypnol affects users:

  • Rohypnol as a sedative leads to sleepiness and being groggy
  • Muscle relaxation is one effect that can affect reaction time
  • Hallucinations can result if used in improper dosages or in combination with other drugs or alcohol

For these reasons, using and abusing the drug can be extremely dangerous. There is no guarantee that you are taking the drug in doses that are safe, and any combination of the drug with other drugs or alcohol can lead to severe health effects. In almost every case, a significant decline in good judgment is likely to occur. Rohypnol strongly affects people, so do not underestimate its effects.

Is Rohypnol a Date Rape Drug?

Because Rohpynol has the effect of causing short-term memory loss, it is sometimes used as a date rape drug. This obviously is illegal and exceedingly dangerous for all parties. The treacherous nature of using the drug for this purpose will lead to severe legal penalties. It is easy to see that how dangerous this drug is if it can be used for such sinister purposes. If you are abusing the drug and think you can control yourself when high, think again.

How Rohypnol Addiction Works

Even while not high on the drug, the addiction itself usually leads to serious errors of judgment as the addict becomes obsessed with obtaining the drug. Stealing, lying to loved ones, cheating friends, and even breaking and entering to get either the drug or money to buy the drug are examples of stupid behavior that can harm the addict, the addict’s friends and loved ones, and innocent bystanders.

Rohypnol Addiction Help

If you have had an episode with Rohpynol where you did something dangerous and perhaps even life-threatening, you can now take the right action by getting help. Be proactive and save a life, perhaps your own, by calling now to get help. Our 24 hour, toll-free helpline is now open, and it is operated by knowledgeable counselors.