Is Rohypnol Abuse Related to Gambling Addiction?

Is Rohypnol Abuse Related to Gambling Addiction?

Addiction is a complicated disorder that affects every area of life. Many issues can become related to gambling addiction, including Rohypnol abuse. This powerful drug is highly addictive on its own, but, when combined with gambling addiction, users may soon find themselves addicted to both gambling and drugs. You may begin abusing Rohypnol independently from your gambling addiction, but in time these two activities will likely become related both in your behavior and brain. To avoid or treat addictions to Rohypnol and gambling, you should seek professional treatment.

How Is Rohypnol Abuse Related to Gambling Addiction?

Rohypnol abuse is a problem on its own, but it becomes even more complicated when you also suffer from a gambling addiction. Some users turn to Rohypnol to self-medicate their gambling addictions: when they feel cravings for gambling, they might turn to a powerful drug to find relief, or to escape the emotional problems related to gambling (like financial or family problems). Whatever your reason is for abusing Rohypnol, if you continue abusing this drug to address gambling compulsions, then you will suffer from two addictions instead of one. Multiple addictions are more difficult to treat than one alone, because the only way for you to heal is to overcome both issues at the same time.

Can I Overcome Rohypnol Abuse and Gambling Addiction?

Suffering from multiple addictions makes recovery more difficult, but, no matter how severe your situation is, you can always heal with proper treatment. Getting professional addiction treatment allows you to understand why you became addicted. Furthermore, treatment will teach you techniques to avoid relapse after addiction treatment ends. To treat multiple addictions, you should consider Dual Diagnosis treatment, which focuses on both addictions and how they are related. Instead of treating each addiction on its own, this type of care views you as a whole person, so it addresses all of your issues at the same time. With help, you can recover from addictions to gambling and Rohypnol.

Begin Addiction Treatment

The first step to healing from Rohypnol and gambling addictions is to get help. If you avoid addiction help, then your conditions will only worsen; with treatment you can return to a more normal, positive lifestyle. Call our toll-free helpline today to learn more about addiction treatment options. Ask our admissions coordinators any questions you have about addiction and what happens during rehab. Our staff is here for you 24 hours a day, so call now.