Inner City Rohypnol Use

Inner City Rohypnol Use

Many inner cities experience a wide variety of social, economic and cultural challenges, including serious drug abuse. Rohypnol (otherwise known as “roofies”) is one of the many drugs abused in these areas by people of all ages, but especially by high school students. As of 2009, Rohypnol use among high school students was between .4% and 1% – higher than any other age group. In 2010, 1.5% of 12th graders alone abused the drug on a regular basis (Monitoring the Future).

Reasons for Inner City Rohypnol Use

Rohypnol is an extremely dangerous drug and is illegal in the United States.  It can be slipped into a person’s drink in order to incapacitate him or her, causing it to be called the “date rape” drug. Rohypnol can also be abused for recreational purposes. Some of the many reasons why inner city populations abuse Rohypnol include:

  • Increased nightlife – Urban areas often have a variety of different forms of nightlife, ranging from clubs and bars to restaurants and entertainment venues that promote a specific drug-related culture. These locations are often prime spots for people to let loose, dance, drink and socialize. Those who use rohypnol for their own personal use often use the drug when at clubs or bars where they can experience the effects of the rohypnol on the dance floor or through the combination of the drug and their alcoholic beverage.
  • Lack of education – Inner cities often lack quality educational facilities, leaving many residents uninformed about the dangers of using drugs such as rohypnol. A lack of education and opportunities for the future also makes young people more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, as they have less incentive to work hard in school.
  • Availability and positive activity – Inner city residents who are unable to participate in healthy activities due to financial restraints, family problems or personal issues are often more likely to recognize the heightened availability of drugs such as rohypnol in their area. The combination of availability and lack of access to positive activities can lead an inner city resident to use rohypnol as an outlet for pent up frustrations and/or to feed their need for stimulation.

Those living in inner cities may use rohypnol due to increased nightlife culture, lack of drug education, the availability of the drug and their inability to participate in positive activities.

Treatment Options for Rohypnol Use

There are numerous resources available to inner city residents to help them get the treatment they need to stop using rohypnol. These resources may include an addiction helpline, a local boys and girls club, or a neighborhood drug awareness program.

Do You Need Help Ending Your Rohypnol Use?

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