How to Know When a Rohypnol User Needs Emergency Help

Rohypnol is a dangerous medication. Although it is legally prescribed in a number of countries, authorities in the United States consider it too risky to use. It has never been legal in the United States but is commonly smuggled into the country and abused. Rohypnol is both potent and long-lasting. It is ten times as strong as Valium, another benzodiazepine. A single milligram can produce effects for up to 12 hours.

Rohypnol Emergencies

There are a number of potential emergencies associated with Rohypnol including the following:

  • Overdose. When people overdose on Rohypnol, they may appear drowsy, lethargic or confused. They may have trouble with balance or speech, or they may complain of nausea or a headache. Rohypnol overdose can cause users to experience seizures or to fall into a coma. Rohypnol decreases blood pressure, heart rate and breathing. Respiratory depression or slowed breathing is a leading cause of death with Rohypnol overdose. This risk is magnified when Rohypnol is combined with other sedating substances, such as alcohol.
  • Withdrawal. People who are physically dependent on Rohypnol experience withdrawal symptoms when they go long enough without a dose. Withdrawal symptoms may begin as soon as 12 hours after the last dose was taken, although those with slower metabolic processes may not experience withdrawals for up to a week. Some withdrawal symptoms mimic the flu, as they include nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps and headache. Anxiety, agitation and insomnia are also common. Rohypnol withdrawal may involve hallucinations (both auditory and visual), delirium and seizures. Withdrawals can be fatal, so seek help for detox.
  • Disinhibition. Rohypnol is known as the date rape drug due to the fact that it causes amnesia and disinhibition. Because of these effects, those planning to commit crimes sometimes use Rohypnol on their victims or themselves, both to release inhibitions and to make police interrogations more difficult. Those not planning to do anything illegal or dangerous may still find themselves engaging in such activities when under the influence of Rohypnol because of its effects on the brain. Disinhibition can lead people to take dangerous risks that seriously impact their safety and wellbeing.
  • Addiction. Addiction to Rohypnol is a serious and progressive disease. Although it is never too late to treat an addiction, the sooner that you seek help, then the better the treatment can be. You can define addiction by when people use Rohypnol despite negative consequences. An addict’s obsession with the drug may cause her to neglect other priorities that were once important to her, or if she takes action she wouldn’t ordinarily do in order to obtain the drug.

Rohypnol Addiction Help

If you are addicted to Rohypnol or have a loved one in that situation, we can help you find a way out. Our toll-free helpline is available 24 hours a day and we are always ready to assist you in whatever way we can. We can check your insurance coverage for you if you wish at no cost or obligation, and we can help you sort through your treatment options. There is a path to recovery and we can help you find it.