How Does Rohypnol Addiction Denial End?

Rohypnol is the popular prescription brand name for a substance called flunitrazepam. The drug is commonly used for the short-term relief of chronic pain, but is most popularly prescribed for those struggling with insomnia. Rohypnol is one of the many benzodiazepine substances with a strong ability to relax muscles, reduce anxiety and prevent convulsions. Because Rohypnol provides a calming effect which gradually leads to a restful state, the drug is commonly abused to counteract the unwanted side effects of other drugs or to provide intense feeling of euphoria.

Rohypnol Addiction Denial

One of the greatest contributing factors to any addiction to a controlled substance is denial. At first the perceived benefits of Rohypnol will seem to outweigh the potential risks. Gradually though, it will become increasingly more difficult to convince yourself that you have it all under control. The moment when denial typically diminishes is the moment when addicts realize that something they care about is being compromised by drug use. This will be different for each individual, but an addiction to Rohypnol has the capacity to gradually diminish almost every important area of your life.

One of the first noticeable symptoms is usually the rapid deterioration of your physical condition. After many cycles of tolerance and dependency, your body will come to require almost lethal doses of Rohypnol just to provide you with the effects you have become accustomed to. This can lead to rapid weight loss, coma, permanent damage to vital organs and even death. Another symptom that frequently eliminates one’s capacity for denial is increasing financial instability. For some the biggest wakeup call of all is the realization that they can no longer care for their family or the people around them because of an addiction to a controlled substance.

Holding an intervention often proves to pull addicts out of denial. However, it is not recommended that family and friends gather together without first discussing how that intervention should go. With the help of an interventionist and proper planning, an intervention can successfully convince your loved one to seek treatment.

Help Finding Resources for Rohypnol Addiction

If you have become addicted to prescription Rohypnol, you’ve already made the first step by exploring treatment options. Quality rehab options do exist for you, and you don’t have to be at the end of yourself to begin seeking treatment. We are available 24 hours a day at a toll-free helpline to provide you with the answers to your questions and point you toward quality rehab facilities. Please call us today.