Holistic Rehab for Rohypnol Addiction

Rohypnol holistic treatment

Rohypnol is a drug that is most commonly used in general anesthesia. It is a type of benzodiazepine and is often abused for its hypnotic and sedative qualities. The most common venue for rohypnol abuse is at parties and raves. Like all kinds of benzodiazepines, rohypnol is a habit-forming drug, resulting in both physical and psychological dependency if the drug is taken regularly over a long-enough period of time. Recovering from rohypnol addiction requires an addict to go through detox. It is only after detox that further addiction treatment can take place.

Holistic rehab programs are unique in that they treat every aspect of a patient’s life, in addition to treating the symptoms of addiction. By improving as many aspects of life as possible and treating a patient’s mental health, the probability of successful, long-term recovery increases. Holistic rehab is often referred to as the “mind, body, and spirit” approach.

How Holistic Rehab Treats the Mind

Analyzing and addressing a recovering addict’s mental health is one if the key components of holistic rehab. Rohypnol is often abused as means of relieving stress or as a way to escape from reality. In addition to therapy, holistic rehab programs offer unique services such as acupuncture, therapeutic massage, yoga and meditation as alternative forms of stress relief and relaxation.

In many cases, it is not uncommon for rohypnol addicts to have some sort of psychological disorder in addition to addiction. In a holistic rehab program, every patient attends group and individual therapy sessions so that doctors and staff can accurately assess each individual’s state of mental health. Undiagnosed psychological disorders such as depression, chronic anxiety, or bipolar disorder dramatically increase the likelihood of a patient returning to abusing rohypnol.

How Holistic Rehab Treats the Body

Physical well-being is an important aspect of holistic rehab, specifically in diet and physical fitness. During a holistic rehab program, a healthy diet is catered specifically to support the human body’s rebuilding process after addiction. Some facilities even grow organic produce on site. Learning to eat healthily offers far more than just physical benefits. A strict diet of healthy foods instills the importance of only putting healthy substances of any kind into the human body. A structured physical fitness program works in tandem with a healthy diet. Through healthy diet and exercise, patients learn new productive habits that will hopefully contribute to a prolonged period of sobriety.

How Holistic Rehab Treats the Spirit

One of the most unique components of holistic rehab programs is the treatment of the “spirit.” Some patients have acknowledged abusing rohypnol in order to fulfill an “empty feeling” inside. After the effects of rohypnol fade, the inner void returns and leads to continued abuse. Patients in a holistic rehab program are exposed to different schools of spiritual thought and encouraged to explore the ideas that are most identifiable to each as an individual. Finding one’s own spirituality offers a sense of purpose and a permanent solution to spiritual and emotional voids that previously led to rohypnol abuse.

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