Helping Someone Stay Clean from Rohypnol

The healing process for an addiction involves a lot more than a physical struggle. People who are undergoing addiction treatment have a much more important emotional conflict. Treating all aspects of Rohypnol addiction including the emotional and psychological aspects will help prevent relapse in the future.

Rohypnol Addiction Intervention Tips

Helping a loved one become comfortable with the idea of Rohypnol rehab can be difficult – especially if the addict does not realize the extent of the affliction. Here are a few tips for approaching an intervention:

  • Prepare arrangements for a rehab facility before the actual intervention. By providing an immediate outlet the addict will be less likely to back out.
  • A professional interventionist or worker from the chosen facility should be present. A well-chosen group of family and friends who genuinely know and care for the addict should go together to the intervention.
  • Carefully thought out reasons for why the addict should stop abusing Rohypnol and get help should be presented by the addict’s loved ones in a respectful manner. Instead of sympathy, the intervention should have an attitude of concern and love.
  • Choose a time when the addict is sober and alert. Don’t hesitate to reschedule in order to correctly reach your loved one.

How to Help Someone through Rohypnol Rehabilitation

If you are in charge of enrolling your loved one in a rehab facility, ask about how family and friends can get more involved. Some programs, such as group and private therapy or a 12-step, are easily tweaked to include loved ones.

Outside of your loved one’s treatments, there are also groups such as Al-Anon and Nar-Anon – counterparts of Alcohol and Narcotics Anonymous – which are dedicated to helping family members, deal with their loved one’s drug abuse.

Be sure to ask about visitation times. Every facility and addiction situation will be different so the times will vary. The more often you can visit and encourage your loved one the easier the transition from addiction to sobriety will be.

How to Help Someone after Rohypnol Rehabilitation

Many rehab centers offer or require participation in an aftercare program. These are less intensive counseling and meeting sessions that offer support while the recovering addict transitions back into everyday life. Aftercare allows more opportunities to give support because the recovering addict will be back to living outside the rehab facility.

The most obvious way to help an addict stay clean is to remove any tempting drugs or medications. Rohypnol of course is the first thing that should go, but also any other narcotics that could replace the sedative effects must be carefully monitored.

Be patient. Try to be understanding. Emotional support from empathetic friends will be priceless. It can be hard as someone without an addiction to empathize, but patience will communicate a deep want to see the addict fully recovered.

Need Help Finding Rohypnol Addiction Treatment?

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, please get help. We keep our toll-free helpline open 24 hours each and every day. Feel free to call for information on any topic related to drug abuse and recovery. When you call, be sure to ask about how your insurance can cover the costs of rehab.