Fear of Missing out If Not Using Rohypnol

Fear of Missing out If Not Using Rohypnol

Rohypnol is used for sedative and hypnotic effects, and it is a benzodiazepine. The drug is approved in the United States, but is used recreationally domestically and medicinally in parts of Europe and South America. Rohypnol is also referred to as the “date rape” drug because it can cause memory loss. The drug is too frequently smuggled into the United States and is popular among high school and college students. Rohypnol is often used along with other drugs such as heroin and alcohol. Using Rohypnol may be the basis of a person’s social life and so called friendships. Without the drug addicts may feel excluded from a social group or may feel they are missing out on the party.

What Is Scary about Rohypnol Sobriety?

Drug addiction does not only manifest itself through physical symptoms or cravings, but also through emotional and psychological attachment. Drug abuse grafts itself to all areas of life, and one of the most difficult of those areas to sustain without continued use is a social life. Many of an addict’s relationships are with other people who also abuse drugs. As addiction develops, addicts often seek out environments that condone or encourage addictive behavior. This would also mean that addicts avoid the places and relationships that discourage drug use or those that demand honesty. As addicts consider the possibility of sobriety, those relationships that are based on a mutual drug interest are jeopardized. Unfortunately, it is this potential loss of comfort, the danger of no longer being welcome around the people and environments that make them feel accepted, that challenges their desire to become sober.

Why Is Getting Clean from Rohypnol Advantageous?

In light of those perceived disadvantages regarding sobriety, why should it be attempted? One reason to become sober is those very reasons for continued drug use. Consider the implications of your fear. If you believe that to cease drug use would mean the loss of friendship, then what quality of a relationship is it that you may lose? The friendships between addicts can be based on an understanding that use is okay. If you choose to become sober, your actions cast doubt upon this agreement. In addition to these drug relationships being less valuable than you thought, your ability to work and relate to the world around you improves with sobriety.

Help for Rohypnol Addiction

If you or someone that you care about is suffering from an addiction to Rohypnol, then please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline. The trained and experienced professionals answering the phones are able to answer your initial questions and even arrange transportation to the facility of your choice. Though there may be concerns regarding a life of sobriety, remember that many of the reasons that you may be holding onto addiction, specifically the social reasons, should be questioned. You are not defined by your addiction, and while you are using, you are not operating at your highest level. Take advantage of the help that is available to you.