Drug Paraphernalia Associated with Rohypnol

Drug Paraphernalia Associated with Rohypnol

For those with severe insomnia, Rohypnol can be a saving grace, as it allows for a deep, uninterrupted sleep. While it works well for some, others may develop serious side effects, including suicidal thoughts. While this super-strong benzodiazepine is infrequently prescribed, it has made its way to the streets, is one of the most popular date-rape drugs and encourages many addictions.

Paraphernalia Associated with Rohypnol Abuse

While it can be difficult to notice when someone is abusing drugs, any of the following materials can send up a red flag to indicate Rohypnol use:

  • Drinking glasses: As Rohypnol is a date-rape drug, it is commonly placed in drinking glasses either at bars or clubs. Now, using this one sign alone makes it difficult to distinguish a problem, as there are glasses all around. However, if someone has a high amount of glasses in his presence and that seems suspicious, this can be a sign of Rohypnol use. Also, if there is an abundance of glasses around the person’s home, this can also indicate that he puts it into his drink.
  • Pen shells and rolled money: These pieces of paraphernalia are quite common for many addictions, but Rohypnol can be snorted, a preferred method for many users. In order to snort the drug, users often hollow out pens and use the shell, or they use rolled up dollar bills. Seeing these laying around the house, in the pockets of the user or in her car can be a major sign of use.
  • Mortar and pestle and razor blades: These items suggest that a Rohypnol user crushes his pills to snort them. Seeing a powdery residue on either of these tools can be a red flag for use, as well as seeing an abundance of them or spotting them in weird places. For instance, keeping a mortar and pestle beside the bed is abnormal, as is keeping razor blades in a wallet or a purse.

For those using Rohypnol, there are many different ways to ingest the drug, and often times the paraphernalia that accompany ingestion can serve as signs of use. Paraphernalia associated with this drug can also be dangerous, as it can tip off police and lead them to make a bust against the user for illegally using prescription medication.

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