Autoimmune Disorders and Rohypnol Addiction

Autoimmune Disorders and Rohypnol Addiction

People with an autoimmune disorder will need ways to relax so they do not feel dominated by their disease, but this can be problematic if it leads to drug use. Many people abuse drugs to treat a disorder, because many drugs can help people relax when taken in excess, especially a drug as powerful as Rohypnol. Although recovery is difficult for people with both an autoimmune disorder and a Rohypnol addiction, recovery is possible if treatment addresses both issues under the same roof.

How Autoimmune Disorders Affect Rohypnol Addiction and Recovery

Autoimmune disorders can complicate Rohypnol addiction and the recovery process, but recovery is still possible with the right help. For instance, Rohypnol addicts can still get well, even though an autoimmune disorder can cause the following problems:

  • Disorders create a constant need for drugs to alleviate pain
  • Withdrawal symptoms may be more severe when patients go long enough without a dose
  • Learning to cope with symptoms without drug use can be more difficult

Autoimmune diseases may complicate Rohypnol addiction, because people may only take the drug to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms. The problem with this is that addiction creates problems that worsen the disorder, thereby requiring more drugs and so on. This can cause people to seek the medication repeatedly, which will eventually create a powerful addiction. Furthermore, withdrawal symptoms during the recovery process may be more severe or life threatening for people with an autoimmune disorder. Recovery can be more difficult for these patients, because they need coping mechanisms for their disorder as well as for their drug use. However, despite these difficulties, patients can recover from both Rohypnol addiction and an autoimmune disorder if they have the right help.

Autoimmune disorders can lead to drug use in any of the following ways:

  • Taking a prescription medication that is addictive
  • Self-medicating symptoms without a doctor’s advice
  • Abusing drugs that are addictive as a coping mechanism

Depending on the autoimmune disorder someone has, patients may be prescribed a medication to alleviate certain symptoms. These medications can range from over-the-counter drugs to addictive narcotics. For people who manage their symptoms with over-the-counter medications, they may have pain that breaks through the drugs’ effects, which can send them to seek other treatment methods, including drug abuse. Many people abuse drugs to cope with physical pain, but many people also abuse drugs to overcome a traumatic event or any emotional pain. In other words, autoimmune disorders can cause many problems for Rohypnol addicts, so professional treatment must address both issues at the same time to promote recovery.

Rohypnol Addiction Treatment

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