Attempting Rohypnol Recovery Alone

Rohypnol might be illegal in the U.S., but its availability in Europe and Latin America makes it an easy pharmaceutical drug to acquire and abuse. Known on the street as “ruffies” and the “date-rape drug,” this benzodiazepine drug is like a supercharged Valium or Xanax with 10 times the kick. Rohypnol is also commonly combined with alcohol, and each intensifies the effects of the other. Addiction can happen in as little as two weeks, and when it does, it is a daunting dependency to break. Rohypnol detox and withdrawal can be more complicated and uncomfortable than that of other drugs including opiates and alcohol. For this reason Rohypnol users are recommended to seek help for detox and recovery and to not attempt recovery alone.

Rohypnol Detoxification Help

The first step to ending Rohypnol addiction is detox, and this process requires help from recovery experts. Medically supervised detox involves weaning an individual off the drug. Quitting the drug abruptly can cause potentially fatal seizures and dangerous delusions and hallucinations. Quitting “cold turkey” has left many users believing they have gone mad. Other dangers associated with Rohypnol detox include the following:

  • Psychosis
  • Violent behavior
  • Extreme anxiety
  • Suicidal thoughts

These symptoms pose incredible risks to anyone who attempts Rohypnol detox alone. Recovering Rohypnol users need medical supervision to ensure safety and increase comfort. While the most severe symptoms will end a few weeks after detox begins, a protracted withdrawal syndrome is common among former Rohypnol users and can include insomnia, mood swings and sound and light sensitivity that last up to a year. The drug damages or alters the brain and other organs, and medical professionals can provide a medical examination that will identify any potential threats to health. Proper treatment that tapers a person off the drug is not only more comfortable, it is also safer.

Rohypnol Recovery Help

Rohypnol detox should be followed by behavioral therapy and counseling. This involves developing relapse prevention techniques and learning how to live without Rohypnol. It is essential to commit to ongoing counseling after treatment and to get involved in support communities. Stress and struggle are a part of everyday life. Even when armed with a new set of life skills, a recovering Rohypnol user is always stronger with support from like-minded individuals. A community of support can be the perfect complement to already existing social networks. Support group members share a common experience with you that is invaluable in times of need. That is why the most successful recovery programs include support from counselors, family, friends and a community of peers in recovery. Rohypnol addiction recovery communities can help individuals do the following:

  • Fight temptation and avoid high-risk situations
  • Shoot down justifications to use Rohypnol again “just once”
  • Get back up if you stumble
  • Receive outside perspectives from people who have experienced similar struggles
  • Find friendship and understanding

Get Rohypnol Recovery Help Now

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