5 Ways to Manage Your Emotions Without Rohypnol

5 Ways to Manage Your Emotions Without Rohypnol

Emotions can overpower addicts with seemingly unmanageable problems. Whether addicts currently struggle with Rohypnol abuse or they are in recovery, distress from negative emotions can quickly lead to continued abuse or relapse. Rohypnol abuse often occurs due to unhealthy coping mechanisms for emotional problems, so find healthy ways to cope with issues to overcome Rohypnol abuse.

Rohypnol addicts can manage their emotions without drugs in the following five ways:

  • Physical activity – Exercise can be a fun, healthy way to manage negative emotions like stress and anxiety. Physical activities allow the body and mind to overcome distress, because they let out negative emotions through physical exertion. The elevated heart rate and muscle use from physical activity expel emotions, and the body gains a healthy benefit in the process.
  • Relaxation – Relaxation techniques calm the nerves and reduce the need to relieve distressing emotions. Meditating, journaling, yoga and simple breathing exercises can reduce stress and allow the mind to focus on the problems of substance abuse. When someone experiences emotional distress, her mind may consider drug abuse; but, given enough time to think about the consequences of drug use through meditation or journaling, she may avoid Rohypnol.
  • Creative outlet – Many recovering addicts avoid emotional distress by ignoring their feelings, but ignoring an emotion often makes it worse. As stronger emotions have even more potential for relapse, a healthy way to experience emotions is through a creative outlet like painting, making music or building something. These acts allow people to express themselves in tangible ways that are meaningful to them.
  • Volunteering – Volunteering with local or national organizations helps people overcome negative emotions. There is something about helping others that makes people feel good, which reduces stress and pain.
  • Talk through problems – Discussing emotions with a close friend, trusted family member or a therapist can help you manage your emotions. By dissecting problems and finding solutions, you may end up feeling better through simple conversations. Sometimes, venting to others gets the feelings out in the open, which reduces the need for Rohypnol.

Getting personal and professional support is essential to learning and practicing healthy coping skills. Professional therapy is one of the best ways to find healthy ways to cope with emotions, which reduces relapse triggers.

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