5 Reasons to Get Clean from Rohypnol

The most evident or obvious reasons to discontinue illicit use of a prescription drug are the physical complications and risks that are associated with addiction. The following are five more reasons to get clean from Rohypnol.

1. Rohypnol Abuse Has Physical Repercussions

For a drug like Rohypnol, a powerful anticonvulsive and sedative, addiction and abuse can cause serious and potentially fatal repercussions. Generally prescribed for the relief of chronic insomnia, Rohypnol is considered by some medical professionals to be one of the most effective benzodiazepine drugs. Unfortunately, this also means it is one of the most addictive and long term use of Rohypnol in higher than prescription doses can cause permanent damage to cognitive and motor skills. An overdose can lead to coma, and in some cases proves to be fatal.

2. Rohypnol Abuse Has Psychological Repercussions

Like an actual physical dependence upon Rohypnol, after long periods of chronic use, the brain begins to experience intense cravings for the benzodiazepine substance. Psychological cravings will be especially evident if you have ever tried to discontinue your Rohypnol use. These cravings for the drug can make daily life difficult, and can often push someone even further into the world of addiction. Over time, you may begin to feel as though you need the drug to maintain feelings of normalcy.

3. Rohypnol Abuse Can Ruin Your Financial Stability

Whether your addiction to Rohypnol began with a legitimate prescription for Flunitrazepam or is the result of recreational drug use, eventually more drugs will cost more money. While some people have seemingly endless amounts of money with which to feed their addictions, it is not uncommon for an addiction to a controlled substance to be the primary contributing factor resulting in financial ruin for an individual or family.

4. Rohypnol Addiction Can Make You Feel Hopeless

The longer you stay addicted to a controlled substance, the easier it will be to believe that recovery is not really an option. Under the supervision of qualified medical professionals, in a designated center for Rohypnol addiction, a successful recovery is possible and taking the first step toward a life free from addiction can be as simple as cultivating the initiative to explore treatment options.

5. Rohypnol Addiction Will Control Your Life

Even if you can no longer remember that version of yourself, you were not always controlled by an addiction. The longer an addiction is left unchecked, the more it will spiral out of control, robbing a person of their personality, desires and hopes. Seeking rehab can restore you to the former version of yourself, and can restore the quality of life you deserve.

Find Help for Rohypnol Addiction Now

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