3 Important Reasons to Avoid Current Rohypnol Users After Rehab

3 Important Reasons to Avoid Current Rohypnol Users After Rehab

Friends can be friends forever. But when Rohypnol is what brought the friends together, addiction rehab may signal a time for these friends to part ways. Here are three reasons current Rohypnol users should be avoided after rehab for Rohypnol addiction.

1. Current Rohypnol Users Might Sabotage Your Recovery

Although recovering from addiction often instills a hope that the people they used to get high with will also enter treatment, those who continue abusing Rohypnol or other drugs may see very little to gain from a fellow addict’s recovery. They may instead see their newly recovered friend as a threat to their lifestyle through the following ways:

  • Tipping off authorities or family to their own drug use
  • Loss of a friend
  • Unflattering contrast between themselves and the friend in recovery

Responses to a visit from a former Rohypnol user, now in recovery, may be calculated to disrupt that person’s recovery. Current Rohypnol users may:

  • Repeatedly offer the drug even after told about the ongoing recovery
  • Use Rohypnol in front of the recovering addict
  • Diminish the severity of Rohypnol abuse
  • Insist that treatment will not work and that relapse is inevitable

The chances are slim that a current user will offer any help or encouragement to those working through recovery from Rohypnol abuse. Even if the current user does not intentionally try to sabotage recovery, returning to familiar situations associated with Rohypnol use can lead to a relapse because sights and sounds can trigger cravings for the drug.

2. Choose Non-Drug Using Friends

Recovery is so much more than deciding to not use Rohypnol anymore. In fact the choice to refuse drugs, when they are available for the taking, is very difficult for a recovering addict, especially when in the early stages of recovery.

Making dozens of smaller choices which lead away from drug use is a sensible approach. Among these many small choices are decisions about who to spend time with. People who do not use Rohypnol are clearly a better choice of company than those who do. Relationships with non-Rohypnol users, whether they are close friendships or casual acquaintances, are bricks in a new foundation of recovery.

Friends actively involved in supporting a Rohypnol addict’s recovery might be particularly put off by a continued insistence on the part of the addict to spend time with current users. Doing so may be interpreted, and rightly so, as an affront to the person’s effort at support.

3. Time is Limited

A successful recovery requires a lot of maintenance. In addition to re-engaging in family and work activities, many activities directly concerning recovery need to be attended to. Aftercare appointments with addiction professional and regular meetings with support groups are critical to the success of recovery but also take a significant amount of time. After that, pursuing a positive leisure or recreational activity is important to well-being during Rohypnol recovery.

There is simply no time left over to spend with current Rohypnol users which should be spent in ways that strengthen the recovery. Working, spending time with family, or simply taking a walk can all help further a recovery. Time is simply too limited and important to be squandered on visits to continuing Rohypnol users.

Ditching Rohypnol

If you or one of your friends needs help breaking away from their relationship with Rohypnol, call our 24 hour helpline to learn about treatment options. The call is toll-free.