3 Common Fears about Rohypnol Recovery

While fears surrounding Rohypnol should focus on the effects of using this “date rape” drug, those caught in a Rohypnol addiction often fear what recovery might entail. Proper addiction treatment will address common fears about recovery such as the following:

  • The fear of a return of insomnia, anxiety or other mental health concern
  • The fear of loss of reputation or social standing
  • The fear of failure in recovery

I’m Afraid of How I Will Feel after Rohypnol Recovery

Rohypnol is most commonly abused as a party drug, but some take Rohypnol to self-medicate anxiety, insomnia or another mental health concern. These conditions can become temporarily worse during detox and withdrawal symptoms, but a professional facility anticipates this and treats all involved issues during Rohypnol recovery. This professional care will include help to do the following:

  • Identify the cause of anxiety or mental health issue and treat this cause rather than use drugs to mask its symptoms
  • Treat the anxiety, sleep issue or any other co-occurring mood disorders like depression through counseling, management methods and alternative medications if necessary
  • Address any long-term symptoms that occur after Rohypnol detox

Rohypnol does not cure mental health issues. It suppresses or masks symptoms, while the disorders grow worse. Tackling co-occurring issues directly is essential for a successful Rohypnol recovery.

I’m Afraid of How Rohypnol Recovery Will Affect My Public Image

Rohypnol is popular with teenagers and college students, and getting clean can involve overcoming a certain amount social pressure when friends still use. Rohypnol recovery may involve avoiding certain social situations or social groups, and unfortunately it may result in some ridicule or harassment from those who still use or do not understand addiction. Adults fear the social stigma wrongly attached to drug use and may fear that opening up about Rohypnol addiction and recovery may harm their social standing or even their employment. However peer pressure and social fear must be overcome for real recovery, and addiction treatment will help with this. Rohypnol addiction treatment will do the following:

  • Rohypnol users often self-medicate society anxieties, and treatment gives people new strength over such worries
  • Successful recovery typically involves support group attendance where positive and meaningful new friendships are formed
  • Recovery professionals teach the best ways to explain treatment and addiction to friends, family and peers

You will be surprised by how many friends, family members, coworkers and peers in recovery will support you, and you will develop an even greater appreciation for those relationships. Friends who do not support your recovery are not real friends. Those who love you will want the best for you.

I’m Afraid I Won’t Be Able to Stay Clean from Rohypnol

You may fear that treatment will simply provide a larger audience for your next failure. This is one of the most common fears about Rohypnol recovery, but proper treatment will give you strength. Professional facilities deal with addiction and recovery every day, and they know the best tools to empower you to success. These tools, skills and resources for Rohypnol recovery success include the following:

  • Developing confidence building and relapse prevention techniques
  • Identifying possible triggers for drug use and learning how to avoid or manage them
  • Instilling the belief that a lifelong recovery is possible
  • Explaining how to recognize potentially harmful environments or relationships
  • Helping find a strong recovery support group
  • Ongoing counseling to keep any potential fears in check

Rohypnol Addiction Recovery Help

We can help you overcome these and any other fears you have about Rohypnol recovery. Our caring staff is here for you 24 hours a day, and we will answer any questions and even check to see if your health insurance covers treatment. Call our toll-free helpline today, and let us help you overcome both fear and addiction. You can have a drug-free life. Call now.